Become a Customer

We’ve been serving Toronto and the surrounding region for over thirteen years, delivering consistent, quality supply to our local community. As part of the local market, Mia is fully invested in the profitability and success of every food service business within our service area.

When you join the Mia family, you can expect:

  • Prompt, courteous, and reliable service regardless of account size
  • Flexible order cut-off times to meet the changing demands of your business
  • Access to over 4,000 products available for next day delivery with no order minimum
  • Quick onboarding within 24-48 hours

Mia Food is here for you in a way that corporations can’t match. Our customer service, supply warehouse, and delivery chain are all located in your community. Our representatives will do more than remember your name — we’ll support your food and beverage ventures regardless of the size of your account. Mia and our suppliers are part of your market, and our success is founded on a commitment to your culinary reputation.