How To Choose a Supplier That Will Help Your Restaurant Succeed

How To Choose a Supplier That Will Help Your Restaurant Succeed

Every chef, restauranteur and food service manager has experienced product supply breakdown. Nothing disrupts service faster than opening a crate of merchandise only to find that half of it is damaged, spoiled or not what you ordered.

Supply stability is the invisible backbone of the food service industry. Regardless of the size of your business, each dining experience is built on a foundation of quality ingredients delivered on time, as ordered.

Consistent inventory and prompt delivery directly affects the menu, which can mean the difference between a positive or negative customer experience. Customer reviews on the internet or opinions shared by word of mouth can have a tremendous impact on the success or failure of your food service venture.

Large corporate suppliers will treat such errors as the inevitable cost of doing business, but with Mia Food you don’t have to compromise.

Evaluating a Food Service Supplier

The criteria for choosing a food service supplier stems two main factors:

1) A combination of common problems you wish to avoid.
2) The search for an exemplary service which will enhance customer experience by providing the best ingredients to the kitchen, on time and as advertised.

When researching a food supplier, look first at their public reputation using these resources:

With regard to product and service itself, make note of these material factors:

  • Delivery schedules, turnaround and consistency
  • Good customer service, transparency, and clear communication
  • Freshness and quality of product
  • Correct inventory and quantities.
  • Stated place of origin
  • Certifications - gluten free, vegan, free range, fair labour, so on.
  • Appropriate market pricing

Go Local with Mia

The challenges of dealing with large operators are well known by those of us in the Greater Toronto Area food service community. Everyone has bad experiences, and unfortunately, international corporations like Gordon Food Service simply do not have an investment in your restaurant’s performance. Nor do they have to be accountable the way that local companies do.

Mia is here for you in a way that corporations can’t match. Our customer service, supply warehouse, and delivery chain are all in located in your community. Our representatives will do more than remember your name — we’ll support your food and beverage ventures regardless of the size of your account. Mia and our suppliers are part of your market, and our success is founded on a commitment to your culinary reputation.